Wyvern Gliding Club

Upavon Airfield, Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 6BE
 Grob 109b (Motor Glider)

  • Dimensions: wing span17.4m, wing area 19.0m², Eppler profile E580
  • Mass: MTO 850Kg, payload 245Kg, fuel 100l (72Kg), max wing load 44.7Kg/m²
  • Engine: GROB 2500, 3400 RPM 95 HP, 12l/h at 170 Km/h
  •         Performance with Engine
    • 240 Km/h max, 190Km/h cruise, 73 Km/h stall speed, initial climbing rate 3.3m/s, take off distance 196m and 320m
    • above 15m, max cruise distance 1800Km
    • Soaring performance : max glide ratio 30/1 at 115Km/h minimum sink 1.1 m/s at 108Km/h
    • Propeller: 3 positions variable pitch propeller Hoffmann HO-V 62 R/L 160 BT


    Over Wiltshire


    Grob Cockpit
    Grob Panel

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